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Legend  - Marie Lu

Although it started off a bit slow I found this book picked up and then I was racing through to the end. The first half took 3 days and the 2nd half I finished in one afternoon. 


The alternate universe with the strict controlling government was pretty standard as is the girl who grows up not knowing anything else and has her eyes opened to what her world is really like.


I still found it pretty entertaining and I enjoyed the "awakening" that June had, realizing slowly what was actually going on, although as the reader I caught most of the "twists" before they happened. 


Spoiler-y comments on the romance in the novel hidden below:


The main thing that baffled me was the romance between June and Day. I understand of course instant attraction and lust and the sort of tingly, excited feeling you get when you meet someone and just instantly click. And for most of the book, that's how this felt, however right at the end, they're talking as if there's no doubt that they will basically spend every moment together for the rest of their foreseeable futures. It just didn't seem that they had that much of a connection. There was attraction sure, but no build-up, and we weren't witness to any meaningful conversations. They just thought about kissing each other a lot. 

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These comments feel very negative to me and it sounds like I didn't enjoy the book, however I base my star rating on how I feel about the book near the end, and my instinct was to rate this book 4 stars. That may change when I rate the sequel, especially if it's significantly better and yet not quite up to the 5 star mark.