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The Cat Food Chronicles

The Cat Food Chronicles: The Complete Novel Book One Of The Dead Celebutante Mysteries - Maya Pruett I honestly just can't continue. This book may be for some, but I should have known better than to read a free kindle book. Full disclosure: I only read 23% of the book.

First of all, the whole idea of a psychic cat narrator seems designed to allow the 2 main characters to know what happens in situations where they are not present. The narrator does not seem any more than vaguely cat-like even, more just like an annoyingly Valley-girlesque person. I'm willing to believe that later in the book, her being a cat holds some purpose, but I will never find that out.

Secondly although a few things started happening near where I gave up, for the first couple of chapters, all the book had was ridiculous amounts of talking and info-dumping by the cat. There were almost no actual events, and when they did occur, the dialogue seemed particularly awkward.

Anyway I believe that some may like this book (I've heard of other cat-based books, so maybe this will appeal to someone who reads those types of books) but unfortunately this just felt like a waste of a Sunday afternoon when I could have been finishing the terrific [b:Watership Down|76620|Watership Down|Richard Adams|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1353615493s/76620.jpg|1357456]