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The Devil In Pew Number Seven - Rebecca Nichols Alonzo, Bob DeMoss This book is written by a woman who, as a child is terrorized by a crazy neighbour who wants to drive her father, who is a preacher, and his family out of town because he's unhappy with the way their arrival took away the power and influence he held. Over a period of several years while the author was a young child, the attacks kept her in constant terror, preventing her from sleeping at night and living in constant fear that the night-time bombings and shootings would prevent her from seeing the next morning.

To be honest this book pissed me off. I know its supposed to be a tale of christian forgiveness and blah blah blah, but what kind of man, when his home and church are bombed and shot at over and over and over again, absolutely refuses to move away, confront the man everyone knows is responsible or fight back in any way and instead "prays for him" while his pregnant wife and very young daughter are scared for their lives? Its not like he was doing his best to get away and the guy was chasing him, the man was just trying to chase them out of town. Sometimes you just have to let the other person "win" and leave.

Also being a non-religious person, the constant bible quoting, talk of "god's plan" stuff grated on my nerves after awhile. I don't have a problem with reading a book "about" religious people, but I don't read books that want to convert me or preach at me.

Overall it was quite an easy read, and I breezed through it, although the writing style wasn't anything special. For this type of memoir account, I don't expect literature though.