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A Teaspoon of Earth and Sea - Dina Nayeri This novel chronicles the life of Saba Hafezi, who is one half of the twin duo comprising herself and her sister Mahtab, living in Iran in both pre and post revolution.

The story follows Saba as she tests the boundaries of the new laws, which has strict rules about religion, clothing, women's rights, music, books, and media.

Saba lives with her father, who has told her that her mother and sister are dead, although Saba has confused memories of being in an airport and seeing the two board a plane to America.

I found the story to be engaging, fascinating, easy to read and incredibly sad at times. There was a point when a character was attacked that was so difficult to read that I had to put the book down for a couple of hours. Reading about women who are treated as possessions for men to do as they will with always disgusts me. Overall though I found the book hard to forget and would highly recommend it. Looking forward to the next book by this author.

This was the first book I've won through Goodreads' First Reads give-away program probably partly due to the fact that I rarely enter (this is only the 7th book I've tried to win in a year and a half I think) unless I really think it's something that I will enjoy, and I'm glad this is the one I won.