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Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy, John Bayley, Larissa Volokhonsky, Richard Pevear My goal was to read this book in two weeks, and I managed it, to the day exactly.

Well, I ambitiously set out to read this book, knowing nothing about the story, really, and found it fairly interesting. There were some chapters that I started to skim a bit, the ones dealing with politics and religion that just felt like an essay on the subject, but I thoroughly enjoyed everything relating to the story and characters.

Unlike some others, I didnt hate the character of Anna, I pitied her tremendously but I see why she did the things that she did. Can't really say more about that without spoiling the ending.

I loved Kitty, she was one of my favourite characters and I always knew she would find her way.

Although Levin had some of the most boring chapter (see topics I had to skim), he was a good man and I liked him as a person.

The one person I hated, hated, HATED was Stepan Arkadyich (hope I spelled that correctly). He was a cheater with absolutely no remorse, unashamedly admitting that now that his wife was older and had bourne him 6 children, along with several others who did not make it, he considered her all used up, no longer attractive, and did his best to put her out of his mind while he occupied his time with "pretty young things". Ugh. And he got himself in debt, leaving his wife in Moscow while he partied it up in St Petersburg, spending money on a lavish lifestyle; eventually persuading Dolly to sell some of her estate to help cover his debts. He was a complete ass and I couldn't stand him.